August is Children’s Learning and Vision Month

Did you know that you need over 17 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports, and in life? These include focusing, eye tracking, eye coordination, and visual perception. 1 in 4 children struggle with reading and learning due to vision problems. These issues make it difficult for children to pay attention in school and […]

Beware of COVID-19 Scams

As we are still in the grips of this horrendous pandemic there are people taking advantage of the situation with new scams. According to IdentityForce, you should be wary of scam social media posts and emails with fake information about COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic there have been “an increased numbers of hackers […]

Homeowner Insurance: Do You Need a Checkup?

It’s summer and that means it’s time to head outdoors. One of the best homeowner insurance tips is to protect your home before it needs it and that requires an insurance checkup. A typical homeowner insurance policy may not cover everything you think it should. And the last thing you need is to learn where […]

Tips For Firework Safety This 4th of July

The 4th of July wouldn’t be the same without fireworks. While painting the night sky with explosions is always fun, safety should be of the upmost importance. Nothing ruins a fourth of July like a trip to the hospital. Use these fireworks safety tips to keep you and your family safe this Independence Day: Never […]

Protecting Yourself Online

Recently I received an article about creating strong passwords. I felt with how important this information is that I wanted to share it with you to make sure that you are doing your part to stop your accounts from being hacked with better passwords. Here are a few tips to create strong passwords: Make them […]